Voltage Stabilizers
Guardian-Hq™ Security Systems
  • Evolution for Eternity
  • Indigenous design & development
  • Innovative products that contribute to the society
  • Customer satisfaction & quality are the key drivers
  • Exported to Sri Lanka
Why need for Security Systems
  • To prevent theft, robbery
  • To secure life, belongings & goods
  • To raise alarm during emergency situations
  • To alert the concerned when away from premises
  • Employing Security guards not an effective solution
Why choose Guardian-Hq™ Security Systems?
  • Manual ON/OFF Key type & Automatic digital type available
  • Micro Controller software based
  • User defined 6 digit secret code
  • User defined features from keypad
  • High quality & reliability
  • Economically prized
  • Panic Alarm even when unit is off
  • No AC power requirement
  • 9 Volts Flat cell based